Senzio can handle different kind of projects,
that contain, but are not limited to:

  • 3D Mechanical design and FEA for plastic and metal
  • Electronic design (PCB, Analog, MCU, MPU, M2M, IoT…)
  • Engineering Reports
  • 3D Model design
  • Videogame design
  • Website design and IoT based portals
  • 3D printing and prototyping
  • Manufacturing with laser cutting machine and CNC

Based on your idea, a mixture of all these skills
are mixed in the blender to deliver the final result.

4.0 your product!

Give the extra touch of the new era, Senzio can help with the following:
  • Cloud Interaction (MQTT, AWS…)
  • Machine Learning (ANN, SVM, SOM…)
  • Computer Vision (OCR, OpenCV, Object detection…)
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Neurotech (EEG based)

This can also be mixed in the blender to tune up your idea or product.

For Want of a Nail” they say.

Unfortunately, there are companies that show a brighter outside, but you do not want to open your own car to find out all the cables are messed up.
Senzio does not do that. Every detail and aspect of your product is taken care of. Adjusting to the standards and certifications that the product needs to deliver, Senzio will care to be above that requirement in order to provide safety and quality to your end device.
In this multicultural times everyone is able to speak different languages. However, Senzio will make sure that the interpretation provides verbatim rendition to the letter.

Some languages speak by action and not by word, how to interpret that?

Senzio had cultural involvement for the languages that can have the interpretation and translation services provided for.