1. I have an idea!

This happens when you are waking up and your subconscious brings an interesting idea to your mind.

Also, this might come up from a conversation with friends, peers, or when you found out there is something you don’t like about your job and could be changed with the use of a different tool or style.

2. Call Senzio

You contact Senzio and Senzio will answer as fast as possible.
Then, you will have a discussion about your idea in order to have Senzio fully understand it.

After that, there will be brainstorming in order to find out what the idea covers, how to make it feasible and how to consider extra features to tune it up.

Senzio will be always objective and transparent; if something is not known about the project, you will be informed and Senzio will do one of the three ollowing things:

– Suggest for time to research the implementation
– Ask if this part of the project can be done with a third party
– Refer you to a suitable provider of that specific feature

Timing and project requirements will be finally discussed in order to come to an agreement.

3. Talk about the money

Senzio will be fair, you will not be overcharged and Senzio will try not to undercharge for the service. A reasonable fare will be defined from the start. Senzio has three ways of working this point out:

– Pay half of the project when we are half way
– Pay for the materials to be used (can be at the start or half way)
– Pay for the entire project once it is fully completed

Senzio values your business, and will trust the customer is fair. Yes, Senzio will choose a suitable customer to work with.

4. Work loading…

Work will be done and then there is a feedback loop until the job is completed.

5. Feedback

The job is checked with the customer in accorded time frames.
The results derived from the project presentation will serve in order
to improve details and suggestions from the customer.

6. It’s alive!

In this stage your project is ready.

Senzio will not take credit for your product or idea and present it as own work. NDAs will always be respected.

From here, Senzio will be there and give face shall the product have details
or problems to be fixed or implemented for a V 2.0