Bruno Senzio-Savino has worked with different projects in different sectors of the society.

Carlos Lara originally from Mexico City, always looking to innovate any process in which he has to participate.
He started selling hamburgers and running a corner store at the age of 12 in the Escandón neighborhood.
Since then he understood something so easy to do and so difficult for the common human being to do well, customer service and attention is EVERYTHING.
Proudly Polytechnic, Competing in the “A la Cachi Cachi Porra” repeatedly.
Communications and Electronics Engineer with a degree of academic excellence.
Working and interacting with multiple industries such as: Graphic Arts, Electronics, Plastic, Medical, Automotive, Real Estate and Financial.
Transforming through more than 15 years of experience, the Engineer who carries within the service representative that a client wants, values and misses: Speed, accuracy, commitment, honesty, loyalty and service that describes Carlos.